Taking the first step

To take a first step is hard. It requires an amount of work from standing still to move an inch or a foot. Similar to making a blog. From nothing to something. From something in mind to something in words. And this is my first step for the professional blog profession.

Yes, I've done some blogging previously, from blogger.com to wordpress.com. On and off, from hiatus of 2 months to 5 months to nothing at all. Recently, I have been reading, listening and snipping into the importance of blogging, like very essential for you career development for either 5-9 regime or freelancing. I found wonderful Catalin Pit post on the importance of blogging, specifically this post that made me come here to hashnode.

I've been thinking to integrate the blog branch for my domain. But the option will take time as I need some technical knowledge which I'm lacking as of right now. Yes, I just come to this web development world and had a few challenges in hands currently.

So, here I am, absorbing the ideas that we have good community, easier integration and near to zero skills needed for setting up a blog. And this is my first post. Thanks to Hashnode and the community. Here is my first step into blogging professionally. And you can join me too here.

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